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Audiobook Narration

As a little freckle-faced-toe-head with dimples, I would regale family with adventures I had with my imaginary friends Bubba and Sizza. It was then I realized storytelling can captivate people and is a ton of fun! Receiving an MFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University, I learned how to better tell stories. I performed in NYC theaters, regional theaters, and in feature films. Then I discovered voiceover, and was thrilled by the challenge of bringing to life a whole world in the listener’s mind with just my voice. Audiobooks have been my favorite medium to do this. So far I have recorded over 70 audiobooks. When not recording, I play great quality harmonica with my dad and brother in the Texas Hill Country.

Audiobook Narration Samples

Fiction – Fantasy

Will the angels be able to save Peter from the evil possessing him?

Fiction – Romance

Is it too soon for Camden to ask Layla the big question?

Fiction – Thriller

What is waiting for Dima on the other side of the door?

Fiction – Mystery

Will the new witness give Detective Parr and Father Tom the lead they need to solve the murder case?

NonFiction – Business

What’s the most powerful tool to make people remember your message?

NonFiction – Memoir

What will happen when the DEA catches up with the not-so-good doctor?